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***Update – These are no longer the USB presentation boxes that I deliver, I’ve changed to a more luxurious type***

Ooooh! These are a bit gorgeous! 

A question I’m often asked when couples book me is how will I deliver their wedding photos? You’ve no doubt noticed that my wedding photography packages don’t come with an album as standard and I thought I’d take this opportunity to explain why.

First of all, I’m not a designer; I’m a photographer. And while I have designed albums for couples in the past, I am well aware that an album produced by a professional designer will be superior to anything that I could do. I want my couples to have the absolute best, so I always recommend that you get your album designed professionally to your own specification and tastes. Secondly, people’s budgets vary massively. Albums and photo books can be made from as little as £30 right up to £3,000. Yes, that’s right…£3,000. And probably higher if you shopped around!

After taking into consideration the above, I decided to only charge my couples for my time; hence why I deliver your photos digitally. I feel this is a simpler solution for you as you know I’m not going to try and sell you anything after your big day. Having said that, I still want my couples to have something tangible and that’s why I deliver your wedding photographs on a beautiful, personalised USB stick with it’s very own presentation box. I have a trade account with UK based professional print laboratory, Loxley Colour and I trust them to produce the USB presentation boxes for me. Have a look at the images below of a box I recently delivered to one of my couples.

USB packaging box

USB packaging open box

USB stick

So there you go, that’s how you get your photos – beautifully presented in a gorgeous little box, personalised just for you, all included in the price of my wedding photography packages. Oh, and don’t panic if you ever misplace your images, I keep everything backed up safely in cloud storage for your reassurance! You can view my wedding portfolio images by clicking here.