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I want you to spend as much time with your family and friends as possible!

That’s my philosophy in a nutshell. You’ve planned your day for a long time, all your favourite people are there to celebrate with you, I don’t want to be that photographer who shouts at your guests and drags you away from your family & friends for hours on end.

Read on for an explanation of how I’ll photograph your wedding day.

Real smiles and emotion cannot be faked

First and foremost I consider myself a photographer of people. I’m a sucker for displays of emotion and affection, be that a beaming smile, laugh, tear or just a simple touch. I think that’s why I adore photographing weddings, there’s so much going on throughout the day for me to get my teeth into.

For the vast majority of your day I’ll simply be an observer, documenting real moments as they happen so that you end up with a true visual story of your wedding. Absolutely no cheesy posing or dated cliches.

Guests at a marquee wedding in Yorkshire

Weddings are fun!

You’ll notice a recurring theme in my images – joy & laughter. This is a big one for me, it is super important that my photos convey the fun of your wedding day.

Because that’s what weddings are – fun!

The bride and groom at Victoria Warehouse

Do you take group photos?

Yes I do. Everyone usually wants at least a few, so I ask my couples for a list before the day.

I suggest setting aside around twenty minutes and recommend no more than eight separate group photos, this means you can get back to spending time with your guests.

The bridal party at Villa Catignano in Siena

What about photos of the two of us? 

Again, give me about twenty minutes on your day, that’s all I need to get some photos of just the two of you. We’ll go for a stroll within the grounds of your venue and I’ll snap away.

I’m super aware that this might be the only time you get alone on your wedding day, so I try and give you as much privacy as possible, photographing from a distance whilst you enjoy each other’s company and reflect on your day.

This simple approach makes for some gorgeous, classy and timeless portraits.

Bride and Groom at a wedding in Bedfordshire

The things you don’t see on the day

Your wedding day will be a whirlwind and over in flash.

Of course, it’s simply not possible for you to witness everything that happens on your day so I see it as my role to capture as much as I can for you, including the things you didn’t see.

Flower Girl at a Statham Lodge Wedding

What about the evening party?

The evening reception is without doubt one of my favourite parts of a wedding day. The formalities are over, the alcohol has kicked in and your guests are ready for a huge party!

I tend to attract couples who love a crazy party to round off their wedding day, leaving me with the super fun job of capturing it all. I launch myself onto the dance floor to capture those moments when people are really letting their hair down.

Sure, these may not always be the most flattering photos, but they’re so much fun and capture the real vibe of your evening wedding reception.

Wedding at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester

Let’s meet for a chat about your day

If you’re getting married and you like my approach to wedding photography (and my photos of course), then get in touch to tell me more about your plans. I’m always happy to meet for a drink to discuss your day in more detail, plus I can show you more of my wedding portfolio.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Steve x

All images are © Steve Grogan Photography.