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Stunning Wedding Albums by Master Printer Paul Grundy, Owner of UKV Pro. 

Some of my couples want a wedding album, some of them don’t. That’s why I don’t include albums in my packages as standard; I prefer to charge for my time and then an album can be ordered at a later date if desired. But I always encourage my couples to print their images, why spend good money on a luxury product such as Wedding Photography and then leave the photos lying dormant on your computer hard drive or compressed as low resolution 72 dpi images on Facebook?

A beautifully printed photograph is a sight to behold. I’m not talking about a quick 7×5 from one of those cheap photo machines in Asda, I’m referring to an image printed by a Master Printer on premium paper stock. Please print your photos, trust me, it’s beautiful!

I’ve been on the lookout for a new supplier of Wedding Albums for a while now. I’ve said this many times before on my blog posts, but I want the absolute best for my couples. I also wanted something a little different, I wanted to hand over a product that wouldn’t have that ‘mass produced’ feel to it. And with these gorgeous albums crafted by Paul Grundy of UKV Pro, I’ve definitely found the best!

Bespoke Wedding Albums in Manchester

Paul is a member of the esteemed Fine Art Trade Guild and he’s listed as an Approved Printer, one of only 15 in the UK – Quite simply, Paul is at the pinnacle of his profession. I recently spoke to him and asked him to tell me more about these hand crafted wedding albums:

First of all, I want to stress that these are 100% bespoke, handmade albums. All printing is made to the highest standards on Hahnemuhle papers, widely considered to be the best art printing papers in the world. Each page is bound into an album based on a traditional Japanese style of book-binding but modified slightly to include an aesthetically pleasing ribbon. In order to allow for easy turning and viewing, I add a staggered page crease that compensates for the thickness of each page as it is turned.

Cover materials have been selected to give a beautiful, opulent look and feel while still allowing for a range of pricing options depending on your budget; these include Tsarina Crush, a crushed silk like material all the way up to 100% pure silk. The paper stock is Museum Etching with a matte textured finish, that is covered with a fixative spray for full protection and durability. Alternatively, you can have Photo Rag Baryta paper for a beautiful gloss finish.

The albums can be made to any custom size and contain any number of pages (within reasonable limits of course, as these are thick, heavy papers!). Because of the bespoke nature of the product, one of the advantages is that page size can be very generous with our standard sizes going up to a massive 20×16 inches. That’s a lot of paper ‘real estate’ to allow for many layout and design configurations by the photographer. All of the materials used are of the highest conservation grade standard.

So there you go, I’m sure you’ll agree that these are absolutely gorgeous wedding albums. I’m really looking forward to delivering these to my couples that wish to include an album in their wedding photography package. If an album is of interest to you, you can order one at any time and there is absolutely no obligation to commit to an album purchase when you book me to be your wedding photographer. You can get in touch with me any time to buy an album at a later date, it’s entirely up to you!

Thanks very much for reading, I genuinely appreciate your ongoing support.

If you’ve got any questions about the product itself, please get in touch with Paul Grundy here, he’ll be happy to provide you with more information.

All photography is copyright Craig Richards.