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Children add so much fun and spontaneity to the story of your wedding day. Most kids adore weddings, they love the food, the music, the lights, the dance floor and the cake, plus they usually have the entire venue as their playground for the day to explore with the other children – it’s a recipe for some brilliant photo opportunities. Little ones are an absolute joy to photograph at a wedding so I thought I’d share some of the photos of kids I’ve taken whilst shooting weddings this season. Warning – The following images are exceptionally cute!

1) Ooops! My bum appears to have slipped off the bar foot-rest!

Little Girl

2) The little girl searching for conkers.

Girl looking for conkers

3) Smile for the camera!

Smile for the camera

4) Rock, Paper, Scissors!

Rock Paper Scissors

5) I’ll just sit down right here and eat this sausage!

Child eating food

6) Let’s all pile on the Groom!

Groom pile on

7) The dance floor – A child’s eye view!

Child dancefloor

8) I’m a little nervous!

Little boy

9) Having a tinkle on the ivories!

Girl piano

10) All this dancing has really tired me out!

Tired girl

11) Oh hello! What are you up to?!

Boys looking over hedge

12) This ceremony is a little boring!

Bored boy

13) Hello Grandma, come and dance with me!

Girl on dance floor

14) Posing for the camera!

Flower girls

15) Mummy, I know you’re in the middle of getting married but have you got a minute?

Mummy Child

So there you go, 15 insanely cute photographs of children enjoying themselves at a wedding. Ah, don’t you just wish you were a kid again?!

Peace and love

Steve x