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Fearless Photographers Award Winner

What a cracking start to the new decade as I recently received news of my first ever Fearless Photographers Award in the December 2019 collection.

Fearless awards are notoriously difficult to achieve, with only around 1-2% of submissions being awarded in each round. So obviously, I’m absolutely made up!

My first Fearless Photographers Award

This image was captured in August 2019 during Chloe and Steve’s wedding at Rivington Hall Barn in Lancashire. It was taken around an hour before the first dance when most of the younger guests were playing outside on the lawns as the weather was beautiful.

I spotted this young chap blowing bubbles and spent a good few minutes waiting for the right moment before firing off a few frames.

As sunset was approaching, the light was pretty much perfect and I love how the bubbles stand out against the backdrop of the trees in shadow. A case of right place, right time!

The hand you can see trying to grab the bubbles is the bride and groom’s son who was sat on the grass at the time, hence why he looks shorter than he actually is.

The photo was taken on a Canon 6D with an 85mm Sigma lens at F/4, 1/640 second exposure.


Fearless Photographers Award Winner 2019

2021 and 2022 bookings now being taken

I’m now 95% fully booked for 2020 and 33% booked up for 2021.

The enquires are landing my inbox thick & fast, so if you’re getting married and you like my style of wedding photography please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!

Genuine joy & emotion can’t be faked. I want my couples to look back on their wedding photographs and remember how they felt at the time, not what the photographer was telling them to do. There is no need to settle for boring wedding photography! 😀

Thank you

Steve x

Image is © Steve Grogan Photography.