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The rise and rise of bridal preparation photography!

The business of wedding photography has changed hugely over the last 10-15 years. I only have to think back to when I got married 10 years ago to see how limited the options were when looking at wedding photography back then; there were very few photographers out there who would cover your entire wedding day from start to finish, most would cover the arrival of the guests, the ceremony and then finish off with a few group shots, it was all fairly standard and there weren’t many photographers offering more coverage than this. In fact, it wasn’t that uncommon for a wedding photographer to be able to shoot more than one wedding in a single day!

Things have changed and it’s now more popular for couples to want their entire day photographed, from bridal preparation until the end of the evening party. I’ve often found that my brides’ favourite photos aren’t necessarily from the wedding ceremony, but from the part of the day when they are getting ready with their closest friends and family. I suppose it makes sense, during the preparation the bride is usually surrounded by some of the people most precious to her: the bridesmaids, children, close friends and parents. This can be a very emotional time and I love being on hand to document these often incredibly raw moments that you just can’t stage – smiles, laughter, tears, nerves, excitement…it’s all there. Seeing as my photographic style is very much geared up to capture emotion; this is a part of a wedding day that I absolutely love.

So, sit back and enjoy some of my personal favourite bridal preparation photos from 2014. You can also view my wedding photography portfolio by clicking here.

Bridal preparation 1

Bridal prep 2

Bridal Prep 3

Bridal Prep 4

Bridal Prep 5

Bridal Prep 6

Bridal prep 7

Bridal Prep 8

Bridal Prep 9

Bridal Prep 10

Bridal Prep 11

Bridal Prep 12

Bridal Prep 13

Bridal Prep 14

Bridal Prep 15

Bridal Prep 16

Bridal Prep 17

Bridal Prep 18

Bridal Prep 19

Bridal Prep 20

Bridal Prep 21

Bridal Prep 22

Bridal Prep 23

Bridal Prep 24

Bridal Prep 25

Bridal Prep 26

Bridal prep 27

Bridal prep 28

Bridal Prep 29

Bridal Prep 30

Bridal Prep 31

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