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Why I love this image…

It’s time for part 6 in my series of blog posts where I share my favourite image from each wedding I photograph during the year. This week’s image is brought to you from the very beautiful Styal Lodge in Cheshire where Steph & Chris were married at the weekend.

Steph is 32 weeks pregnant and when I spoke to her during our final pre-wedding meeting, she informed me that they had considered postponing the wedding until after their baby was born. On reflection I feel they made the correct decision to proceed as it gave the wedding a lovely sub-story, particularly as Steph was so advanced in her pregnancy and the resulting images will be extra special with their baby so obviously a huge part of the day. Plus, the day kind of doubled up as a maternity shoot for Steph!

As a documentary wedding photographer, I’ve always said that I feel genuinely privileged to be a fly on the wall at so many heartfelt moments and this particular image really hit home how lucky I am. It was taken only a few seconds after Steph & Chris were married, for parts of the ceremony they opted to sit down as Steph was finding it difficult standing for lengthy periods. As soon as the registrar had confirmed the couple to be officially married, Chris kissed his bride as is normal before instinctively leaning forwards and planting a big kiss on Steph’s baby bump.

This was a truly magical moment and certainly the cutest thing I’ve witnessed at a wedding. The majority of the guests didn’t get to see it due to the way Chris & Steph were positioned, I’m just delighted that I managed to capture it for their friends and family to look back on.

Thank you to Steph & Chris and your amazing family & friends for being so welcoming on the day.

Peace is free

Steve x

Image is © Steve Grogan Photography.