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I adore creating beautiful, timeless images that my couples will cherish forever…

The world of wedding photography is packed full of sickly cliches <vomits in mouth>. None more so than the above sentence, or some sort of variation on that kind of statement.

I like to think my work is a little different…Don’t settle for boring wedding photos.

Tequila, it makes me happy!

Well that’s not strictly true, I hate the stuff. A holiday in Tenerife with my friends back in 1999 left me with a nasty memory of tequila after a particularly wild night of over indulgence. But having said that, I love it when my couples see their wedding as one big party and trust me to document their day exactly how it was with everyone having fun.

The bride in this photo is Leanne. Leanne married Paul at the splendid, award-winning Beeston Manor near Preston, Lancashire. The day was superb, there was huge amount of love from all their family & friends and the day was rounded off with a fantastic evening reception.

Real moments

This hasn’t been ‘photoshopped’, that flying slice of lemon is 100% real, I should know as it hit me on my belly after Leanne spat it out just after necking her shot of tequila.

Moments like this are just as important as all the other stuff that happens on a typical wedding day, it’s a real memory of something that happened, it wasn’t staged in any way. Leanne and Paul like a drink, they enjoy a good party and this image represents that element of their personalities perfectly.

The bride and groom doing tequila shots at Beeston Manor in Preston

Don’t settle for boring wedding photos!

I guess what I’m trying to say is this…there is an alternative out there. If your wedding is going to be a huge party and you care little for the tired old wedding traditions, then have a nosey at my work and get in touch if you like what you see. I take photos with life and energy, you can look back on your day and remember it exactly how it was with everyone having fun!

2019 and 2020

I only take on 30 weddings per year so please be quick to secure your date, 2020 enquiries are also landing in my inbox with key dates going quickly. I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Peace is free

Steve x

Image is © Steve Grogan Photography.