Hello, I’m Steve

I’m an optimist and humour plays a huge part in my outlook on life. Positivity is at the very heart of my style of photography. I’m looking for happiness in my images; your happiness, the happiness of your family and friends. That’s what makes me tick.

During a wedding I’m professional, but informal. I love people and I’m always happy to chat with your guests, being surrounded by happy people is incredibly infectious. I absolutely love what I do.

Who am I?

I live in Failsworth, Manchester with my wife. I’m a dad to twin boys and two dogs called Lars Ulrich & John Michael Osbourne (Lars & Ozzy for short). I’m lucky that I have a loving family and great friends; that’s all I need, I think everything else in this life is a bonus.

Away from photography I enjoy sport, music, art, history and travel. I also appreciate simple things like a well-made cup of tea and sitting down with my head in a book.

How did I end up photographing weddings?

It kinda just happened. I studied Graphic Design and Photography at Salford University in the mid 1990s, and before that, I went to art school at Oldham College. A few enjoyable, but ultimately unfulfilling office jobs followed, before I decided to quit in 2014 and take photos of people at weddings instead.

Since turning professional, I’ve been fortunate enough to undertake commissions in several countries including Italy, Spain, Hungary, The Netherlands & Thailand. I’ve also photographed in Rwanda on two occasions for UK-based children’s charity, Chance for Childhood, of whom I’m an avid supporter, donor and fundraiser.

Business Mentoring for Creative Creatures

As well as photographing weddings, I also work as a Business & Photography Mentor for creative people all over the UK.

See my wedding photography portfolio

Photo of me by my good friend Kelly Clarke.
Street art by Tank Petrol.

8 times Masters of Wedding Photography Award Winner

Showcasing the most exceptional and innovative wedding photographers in the UK & Ireland. I’ve won 8 awards since 2017 in the UK & Ireland category.

Event Photography Awards 2019 – Weddings Category Winner

Recognising the best event photographers in the world, I won the 2019 Weddings Category at the Event Photography Awards held in London.

Fearless Photographers Award Winner 2020

A directory featuring the best wedding photographers worldwide – I won a much-coveted Fearless Award in the January 2020 collection.

Rangefinder Magazine Awards 2018 – Winner

Launched in the 1950s & one of the leading photography magazines worldwide – I was a winner in the 2018 Rangefinder Magazine Photography Awards.

Published in Rock n Roll Bride magazine

I’ve been featured in Rock n Roll bride magazine. I’m an approved Rock n Roll Bride vendor. The ultimate guide for alternative brides.

Featured on
Brides Up North

My work has been featured on Brides Up North, one of the UK’s leading wedding blogs.

Published in Cheshire Bride Magazine

Often referred to as ‘the bride’s bible’, my work has been published regularly in Cheshire Bride Magazine.

Recommended by Zankyou Weddings

Zankyou Weddings called me an “inspirational documentary photographer” and one of Manchester’s Top Wedding Photographers.