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It’s a small world we live in! 

I remember receiving the email from Kellie a few months ago, she’d seen my website and was inviting me round to her home to discuss her wedding photography with her and fiance, Mark. Imagine my surprise when Mark opened the door and it turned out that I actually knew him; we used to play football together on the Failsworth School astro-turf pitch about 20 years ago and I had no idea that he’d moved just around the corner from me in Failsworth. It also transpired that Kellie and Mark’s children went to the same school as my twin boys – small world eh? Thankfully, after chatting with Kellie and Mark about their wedding photography requirements, they booked me to shoot their big day at the Best Western Smokies Park in Ashton, Manchester.

Now for those of you familiar with the Manchester and Oldham areas, you may have heard of Smokies Park as it used to be a nightclub and was a popular evening destination for revelers until it’s closure in 2007. Well it’s now pretty much unrecognisable and has been transformed and completely refurbished into a rather smart hotel specialising in weddings and business conferences. I have to say the staff at Smokies were fantastic on the day, they were courteous and very helpful; particularly the wedding coordinator whose name has slipped my mind.

Below are a selection of images from their day:

Kellie & Mark1

Kellie & Mark2

Kellie & Mark3

Kellie & Mark4

Kellie & Mark5

Kellie & Mark6

Kellie & Mark7

Kellie & Mark8

Kellie & Mark9

Kellie & Mark10

Kellie & Mark11

Kellie & Mark12

Kellie & Mark13

Kellie & Mark14

Kellie & Mark15

Kellie & Mark16

Kellie & Mark17

Kellie & Mark18

Kellie & Mark19

Kellie & Mark20

Kellie & Mark21

Kellie & Mark22

Kellie & Mark23

Kellie & Mark24

Kellie & Mark25

Kellie & Mark26

Kellie & Mark27

Kellie & Mark28

Kellie & Mark29

Kellie & Mark30

Kellie & Mark31

Kellie & Mark32

Kellie & Mark33

Kellie & Mark34

Kellie & Mark35

Kellie & Mark36

Kellie & Mark37

Kellie & Mark38

Kellie & Mark39

Kellie & Mark40

Kellie & Mark41

Kellie & Mark42

Kellie & Mark43

Kellie & Mark44

Kellie & Mark 45

Kellie & Mark46

Kellie & Mark47

Kellie & Mark 48

Kellie & Mark 49

Kellie & Mark50

Kellie & Mark51

Kellie & Mark52

Kellie & Mark53

Kellie & Mark54

Kellie & Mark55

Kellie & Mark56

Finally, I’d like to thank Kellie and Mark for choosing me to be their wedding photographer. It was a fabulous day and their family and friends made me feel very welcome as I spent my time in and among their guests. Oh, and I must also say how kind it was of Kellie and Mark to arrange food for me on the day, this is something that I never expect from my couples but nonetheless, it was greatly appreciated (and tasty too, compliments to the chef!). Kellie and Mark left some kind words (see below) about me on my Facebook business page:

If you’re looking for an amazing photographer then Steve is your man! Steve was our wedding photographer, from bridal prep right through to the first dance. He is very professional, but also very friendly, helping you feel relaxed and putting you at ease on the day, and also before the big day too making sure everything is just right! We absolutely love our photos and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Steve to anyone for their wedding! Thanks again Steve for all your help, Kellie & Mark x

I have limited availability for 2015 so please do get in touch if you’re getting married next year, I’d love to hear from you. More of my portfolio is available to view by clicking here.